Motivating Males

As a dedicated community advocate, Tadean has delivered on his commitment to make change occur in the community. He encourages youth to learn new skills, maintain academic excellence and give back to their communities in a positive way. At his young age of 23, he has dedicated his life to truly “walking the walk” of “First of all, servants of all…” Over the course of his college career, Tadean founded a scholarship foundation that focuses on providing resources and tools that are beneficial to the holistic success of males from underprivileged areas. His organization funds a $1,000 scholarship award each year, provides free college tours across the state for African American males, resume and scholarship application assistance, and weekly motivational posts through social media.

When considering the negative images and lack of education among males in society, it is evident that there needs to be initiatives to increase the number of males pursuing higher education. The “I Am H.I.M.” (Humble. Intelligent. Motivated.) Scholarship has been established

to help male graduates of Dillon High School achieve their education and career goals. The city of Dillon has a population of approximately 7,000 people. Statistics show that a number of students dropout in this small area before they even reach graduation. On the positive side, that dropout rate has decreased over the past few years, yet this type of positive news do not spread as quickly. Through the establishment of this scholarship fund, it is not only our goal to provide financial assistance where needed, but to also create a support system for the males in today’s society, instilling seeds of success, ambition, knowledge and wisdom.

As a result of Tadean wanting to serve his hometown and community, his efforts have evolved into Motivating Males. Motivating Males is a platform that curates events, foster initiatives, and provide motivation, resources and information that results in the holistic success of males of color on a national scale. We invite you to connect with us via social media for the latest updates, events, and ways to support.