Tadean Page




Tadean Page is indeed humble, intelligent, and motivated. Working to achieve greatness has always been, and always will be his number one goal. Page grew up in the small town of Dillon, South Carolina. He is a 2018 graduate of Winthrop University with a degree in Organization Leadership and two minors in leadership and community based learning. He now works as the Public Outreach and Community Coordinator for Winthrop University. He is currently obtaining a Masters of Education from Northeastern University. Aside from his job, Tadean is a philanthropist and author. He recently published his first book, Dear Black Boy: A Collection of Truths from the African American Male Perspective, that sheds light on many experiences from the black boy perspective. His passion is in working to better the lives of young black males holistically. He says that his mission is to impact someone’s life in a positive way daily. “Leading is what I was called to do, but serving is always my main priority and passion.”   

transformational speaker


Tadean Page is personable and empathetic, ensuring that your is audience is able to connect and gain something from the presentation. As a reliable empowerment speaker and motivation for hundreds, Tadean delivers information and content that will not only inspire your audience, but also convinces your audience to think beyond the surface level; he provides edutainment. When booking Tadean Page, you are booking an exceptional speaker for your audience.


Motivating males


What started as a scholarship award, Motivating Males is a platform that curates events, foster initiatives, and provide motivation, resources and information that results in the holistic success of males of color on a national scale. We invite you to connect with us as we work towards changing the world, one male a time.


Dear Black Boy


Tadean is a firm believer in finding strength through conversation. Many times, many stories go untold. Of those stories that go untold, many belong to African-American males. With over 1,000 copies sold, Tadean hopes to create a movement where more individuals are likely to share their story, especially black boys. "Dear Black Boy highlights some of the common situations, issues, and occurrences within the African American male experience that we do not discuss enough. It is through various forms of storytelling that we grow, learn and reach a level of liberation. as the characters within this book reach a sense of freedom, hopefully you are liberated and will get a glimpse of our truth. Be Free." It's not just a book. It's not just words. It's a message. It's a movement. It's hope. It's the breaking of silence, one male at a time. 


Committees- working towards solutions.


It’s not rocket science that our world is facing a number of challenges, with a chunk of those being within the black male experience. Would you be interested in joining a committee that works to provide solutions to a number of those barriers and challenges? Help Tadean increase college readiness efforts, literacy rates for black males in grade school, and improve social awareness. Each committee has a closed FaceBook group where we share thoughts, articles, and other media pertaining to the issue at hand and host quarterly conference calls. The cool thing about the quarterly conference calls is that there is only ONE agenda item- to ask and answer questions to produce solutions. Your help could help maximize results! More information coming soon!